Using Travel Guides to your benefit

When it comes to travelling; basically there are two kinds of people. The first kind plans their entire vacation right from the time they leave their house to the time they return whereas the others just go to the place, book themselves into a hotel and then decide what to do.

But, if you’re planning on visiting a new city there are plenty of travel guides that would be able to help you plan your vacation; however, there are plenty of people waiting to mint cash from you and therefore make sure that you only buy official travel guides as they’d have everything you need to know.

Use the travel guide to plan

One of the best ways of using the travel guide is by flipping through the pages of the brochure, check out the places you would love to visit and write them down on a separate piece of paper or on your phone.

Once that’s done you could then begin your journey by visiting the places in order based on their proximity to each other. As far as possible hire a professional travel guide so that they would help you reach all those places in the least amount of time – else you’d be travelling in circles.

Also, while you’re travelling from a place to the next, you could use your smartphone or laptop to check out what you could do in the area, usually you’d find a lot of interesting articles on each place you visit.

Find out about dangers using the guide

There are also times when you need to be careful about visiting a few places and your travel guide would point those out as well. You may find a mountain range really beautiful and plan a hiking trip, but the time of the year that you’re visiting could be avalanche season – so, make sure that you read the guide thoroughly before you plan.

Use them to learn about the place

Your travel guide is probably a comprehensive book and it would contain a lot of information on each and every place mentioned. Using the book you would be able to check out the history of the place as well as it’s cultures and traditions.

If you’re lucky, a bit of the ancient culture could still be alive in some parts of the city and if you’re interested you could ask your travel guide to take you to that part of town.

A travel guide isn’t a book, it’s basically just a kind of glossary that gives you information that you would find when you scratch the surface. If you’re looking forward to having a true adventure, you would need to conduct your very own research on the particular heritage site, garden or just about any place you visit within a city.

They prevent you from being cheated

When you use a travel guide, it would also include the fares that you would need to pay your tour guide as well as taxi driver to drive you from one place to the next. Usually when you’re travelling to foreign countries, you would notice that the locals try to loot you as they consider tourists to be rich.

Hence, just by following the tour guide and using government services as outlined in the guide, you would be able to enjoy your visit, whilst at the same time save cash.

The need For Travel Guides While traveling To New Places

Traveling is a hobby for many people who love to explore new places in the world. However, if you love to travel with your family, it is important that proper planning for the trip should be done in advance so that there are no problems in the same. In order to visit a new place it is good if assistance of various travel guides is taken. These guides come in the form of books with all kinds of information regarding a particular place. It is easier to find out the right kinds of information that you are looking from these guides. Nowadays guides related to travel and tourism is also found abundantly on the internet. There are many websites that provide detailed information about a place and various other things related to the place.

Again, many people get extremely confused when it comes to choosing a vacation destination. It becomes difficult for them to come to a conclusion as which would be the best place for going on a holiday with the family. In such situations, a guide is very helpful. There are various kinds of guides that list many travel destinations. People can choose a particular travel destination from there. All kinds of information regarding the place are also furnished in the guides so that it is easier for people to have a good knowledge about the place. Approximate expenses are also mentioned so that one can choose the destination as per budget as well. Therefore it is quite clear that having a guide can help in proper planning of a vacation.

With the advent of the internet, online travel guides have become very popular. Much information regarding a place is available on the various websites if properly searched. You can get information on the ways to reach the place, various kinds of accommodation facilities that are available there, places to eat and drink, places of tourist attractions at the travel destination, local transportation, climatic conditions, geographical features, historical references and many more things. With all these information at hand, it is possible to know a place in a much better way. In fact, you can plan your trip nicely if you already have guidance about the place. There are no chances of missing out on any important place while on the trip with the right kind of travel guide.

Good travel guides will contain details about various accommodation facilities that are available at a tourist destination. It will contain the contact details of hotels and resorts and also their tariffs. Accurate maps should also be provided in all the guides, so that travelers can find the places without any problem. Maps can be excellent guides in themselves. Apart from that, contact numbers of various travel agents and tour operators are also provided in the various guides. Many people like to take help for various kinds of things from various travel agents while going on holidays, like booking tickets, booking hotels and arranging sightseeing for tourists. Car rental services are also arranged by many travel agents. Look for the right kinds of guides and have a nice and enjoyable holiday.

Things to consider When You are Going for a Family Tour

Many people like to travel across the world in search for a new thing, to know the new culture, to eat new food and to meet new people. Travelling brings bout change in the mind. Due to the fast schedule of life, most of the people do not get to rejoice and refresh. Going to a place near to nature surely help you to get back your lost freedom and energy. Tours are adventurous, family oriented or solo, but the real magic of travelling lies with the family members.

But when you are going out with your family, you should keep in mind certain things. Apart from packing the luggage and booking the tickets, there are other things that you want to remember. The travel company that you are hiring offer guides who will take you and your family members to the renowned tourist spots of the destination. Here are tips that you should follow in your family tour.

Pack Enough But not Huge:

Packing is important when you are going for a trip. If you are travelling to a place that has a hot climate, you should carry light cotton clothes. When you are visiting colder climates, you should take woollen clothes. It is better to take jackets or pullover instead of woollen sweaters. When you are going to a hilly region, you are not able to carry the heavy luggage on the high slopes. You should pack your bags compact. Do not forget to take the map of the place where you are going.

Taking Passport And Documents:

Tickets, visa, booking documents and identity proof with you is very important. If you or your family member faces any problem in the tourist destination, you should show your documents and make you free. If you forget to take these documents, you also sometimes not bake to travel to other places.

Take Snacks, Baby Food And other Necessities:

If you are taking your child with you, take care about the food and water. Carry a portable electric kettle so that you can prepare hot water or prepare food for your child. You can carry snacks and light food items to satisfy your short time hunger. Along with the food, you should take torch, battery, umbrella, sunscreen lotion, ointments, and antiseptic creams and most important is the medicine.

Take Cash:

Not that every place where you are travelling has the ATM counters. You should carry cash with you. As you do not know how much the expenses, you should have enough cash. Really money matters a lot, if you face any problem in the tourist destination, you can come back if you enough cash.

These above few things become a part in your journey when you are travelling with your family. Book your tickets quickly with the reputed tour agency and become a part of a lifetime holiday.

Vietnam Family Tours – The best Family Retreat!

In the corporate world, getting a break is like getting a bonus pay check! Apparently, when they get such breaks, it is very likely; they would prefer to make the most of it! Holidays are not only about breaks, its more about spending time with family, discovering new places and relaxing. In such situations, Vietnam Family Tours fit the bill on target! Vietnam, bordered by China one side, has become one of the most favourable holiday destinations for families worldwide. Initially Vietnam was under the province of China, hence a lot of cultures and traditions are also derived from that country. Vietnam tours can be a perfect package for the children and adults alike. Along with the blissful beaches it is also filled with places holding historic and cultural importance.

The families can also enjoy and witness the presence of diverse cultures around the city. Vietnam hotels also comprise of some of the best hotels across the world. They provide and exquisite combination of luxury and comfort to its customers. Moreover, there is something for everyone, i. e., there are plenty of options for the customers to choose from. Quality in service is insured by Vietnam city as a whole. They are known for their friendly nature and respectful behaviour. The best way to approach a new place is via a travel guide. They would surely be the best judge.

There are many travel and tour guides who organise Vietnam Family tours as a part of their business. They not only help us to identify the right places but also help in planning the entire tour. In fact, they have separate arrangements for couples and family. However, they equally consider the budget of the visitors before giving any recommendations, thus everything presented would be within the affordable rates. Such tourism has helped and funded the economic growth of Vietnam to a very large extent.

The existence of various travel guides has simplified the process of acquiring Vietnam visa. The visitors have to submit an application along with certain specific details of all the passengers. The procedure can be completed within as less as 2 working days. Vietnam hotels have a lot more to offer. Along with an elegant ambience and service, they have also accommodated tennis court, outdoor swimming pool, massage service, business centre with high speed internet connection and all such engaging attractions for the visitors to enjoy. Food would not be a matter of concern either, as the Vietnam hotels offer some of the finest cuisine. Vietnam Paradise Travel is a one stop solution; right from acquiring the visa till your return flights.

So You want to Take a Cruise – Step #1 – Set a Budget

So you want to plan your first cruise, well you’ve come to the right place. Cruises today can range from just a couple hundred dollars to well over $10, 000 and beyond so it can be the trip of a lifetime. While there are many who are able to take numerous cruises, most of us will experience the dream of a cruise Only once and you certainly want to ensure it is memorable (and for the RIGHT reasons).

The further into the future your are able to plan for your trip the better off you will be as you will have a better selection of room choices and date options. 1 year (if possible) is a good starting point. If you are a flexible, a last minute type of person, & able to reach a port city with short notice, you can often find GREAT pricing on last minute cruises, although the room selection is extremely limited the price trade off may be worth it.

Step #1: SET A BUDGET: Just like in real life, even on vacation we need to have a realistic budget in place for our vacation. The price of the cruise IS NOT the only money you will spend. There are the costs of getting to & from the cruise, excursions, FUN money, tips, and possible unforeseen costs.

Estimated budget for 2 people on a 7 day cruise (your budget may prove to be different). Your cruise cost (including port charges) is just the beginning $1, 000. Usually the down payment is $200 per person with the entire balance being required in full 90 days prior to sailing. Many of us will drive / fly to the port city so the gas / airfare is another cost $400. You can ask your cruise line if they offer a deal to include airfare, hotels, & transfers but most often you will find better deals on your own. Virtually all cruises from the US and going to foreign countries so a PASSPORT IS REQUIRED $200. Wanting to ensure we do not MISS the ship, we fly in a night early and get a hotel $150. Transportation from the airport to the hotel to the ship & back to the airport to return home $80. Tip for the baggage handler for your 4 – 5 bags $10 CASH. Once you get on the ship, your are assigned a key card which acts as your room key & as a credit card. Each cruise line is a cash free zone for purchases on board.

So you will use the key card to make purchases. You will need to place a minimum deposit of $100 per person in your cabin $200. Tips for the room stewards, wait staff, & others will automatically be charged to this key card. Daily tips are estimated at $12 – $15 per passenger per day. For a 7 day cruise this will be $168 – $210. Excursions offer unique experiences based on the port city are available. On a 7 day cruise you generally will visit 2 – 3 port cities. Excursions can range from $35 – over $500 per person per port. You may want to research the excursions your cruise offers before you sail as they are able to be booked online before the cruise. If you wait until you are on board, you may miss your opportunity as all excursions have limited capacity. So here let’s say we book a $35 per person excursion at port #1, a $50 per person at port #2, and we go a bit bold and enjoy a $200 per person excursion at port #3. Total excursion cost $570.

*** A note about excursions: You most often times can book those same excursions on your own through the excursion company directly for a better price, however, the ship will not guarantee those excursions and if you find yourself running late to the ship, the ship will not wait for you and you may miss returning before it departs. You are then on your own (and at your own cost) to get to the next port city to be able to again board the ship. It is a good idea to have the emergency number to the cruise line in those situations to advise them of your situation to see if they are able to offer any assistance. ***

Eating & drinking on board. Most of the food is FREE. Breakfast, lunch, dinner & room service food are included with your cruise fare. Most ships have several other eating areas which may charge for special food items and these can be done on your key card. Some even offer special dining options which will incur additional charges. Those are optional. Let’s say your additional snaking is $25. Water, juice, milk, coffee, & tea are also complimentary. Soda, shakes & malts, & liquor will incur additional charges. Each purchase you make on board for food, drink, and even some other purchases will have an additional tip added to the bill. Unlimited soda cards are available for purchase with price varying by cruise line. Some package deals will include your liquor in the cost of the cruise but you do pay more up front. Keep in mind, the cruise makes it real money once you are on board and liquor is a big money maker. The cost of drinks on board are going to be very expensive. Let’s say we have a reasonably fun time at $200. Don’t forget the mini bar. Many rooms will have a small fridge stocked for your benefit. You will also find large bottles of water in your room, these too have a cost if used. You can request your room steward remove those if you prefer so as to not be tempted. Gambling on board is very popular. Each ship has it’s own casino. Remember, the odds are always in the house’s favor. The possible cost is solely dependent up to you and can very greatly. If you do not yet play and want to learn, there are free gaming videos showing on your stateroom tv or many hold live classes daily. You will certainly want to have memories of your vacation. The cost of souvenirs and other such FUN items can be as high as you want but we will call it good at $150.

Possible unforeseen costs: Remember, you are in a foreign country. Phone charges: Your cell phone may work, but you will unknowingly pay outrageous per minute charges (possibly as high as $5 per minute) when calling home to check in on the loved ones. Similar charges can occur while on the ship; using your cell phone or the stateroom phone. Contact your cell provider before you leave, many do offer the option to add for a month additional coverage for calling worldwide. This will potentially save you hundreds of dollars. Illness or injury: Many people may become seasick, or otherwise ill, or may find themselves injured in some way. The ship infirmary is available but costly and the staff are not U. S. trained medical personnel. If you are prone to motion sickness, see your doctor before sailing for motion sickness patches to help prevent trouble. You can bring any medication you need aboard, you should have a smaller sample of what your regularly keep at home just in case. Any infirmary charges will be added to your room key charge card. If injured or seeking medical assistance while in a port city you will need to pay those costs at the time of service and then try to get your insurance to reimburse you those charges when you return. It is always a good idea to advise your health insurance before leaving of where you are going and find out what / how they will cover such expenses.

Missing the departure time: If you find yourself running late to the ship, the ship will not wait for you (unless on a ship sponsored excursion) and you may miss returning before it departs. You are then on your own (and at your own cost) to get to the next port city to be able to again board the ship. It is a good idea to have the emergency number to the cruise line in those situations to advise them of your situation to see if they are able to offer any assistance. Be aware of the changing time zones. Most cruises will move through several time zones during their journey; sometimes in a different time zone each day. Keep your watch and or cell phone on the correct time zone you are in as this will be the ship’s time and determines when they will be departing. Do not attempt to keep your original time zone and try to count forward or backwards as you may be wrong and miss the ship departing.

Lost or stolen identification: When you are leaving the ship to enter a port city, each person is required to have their government issued photo ID (drivers license) & and the on board room key as that identifies each person as being registered and able to board the ship. Without those you will not be able to return aboard the ship. You may need to call the nearest U. S. Consulate or Embassy for assistance, or call home in order to recover & have sent new identification documents. Most likely if this occurs, your money and credit cards are gone as well, calling your credit card companies immediately to cancel and re-issue those cards is a must. Do not keep everything in one place. Have credit cards in 2 different places (a pocket & a wallet) so if one gets lost you will still have the other. While this may not assist you in case of a lost ID, you will then have access to funds in order to expedite a replacement ID.

Legal problems: Many countries will have different laws than the U. S. & just like here, ignorance is no excuse. Be careful about drinking, drugs, driving, and other such pitfalls many can find themselves in when outside of the U. S. While you are on vacation do not let your common sense go on vacation as well. Ask the police to call the cruise line emergency number. When you booked the cruise they requested emergency contact numbers. They can then make those additional calls to your loved ones for assistance which you may not be able to make. Give them All of the relevant information, your name, your ship, the city you are in, the police captain’s name and number & address to where you are being held as well as with what you are being charged. You should then also request the cruise line And the police to contact the nearest U. S. Consulate or Embassy for assistance. If you are able to post bail or pay a fine, do so, and them immediately return to the ship. While it is nearly impossible to estimate what the possible unforeseen cost may be, it is highly recommend you have with you a credit card able to cover for an additional $5, 000. Unless you are in a catastrophic accident, a $5, 000 credit card should cover almost all of the above scenarios and allow you if needed to return home directly.

So from the above your total estimated budget for the 7 day cruise for 2 is: $3, 195. 00 plus keeping an available credit line of $5, 000 for possible emergencies. Depending on your situation, you may want to look into purchasing travel insurance which may cover your costs in case you are unable to take the cruise. This cost can vary and you will want to ask your booking company for those rates.

Hopefully, I did not scare you away from taking your first cruise. I have found the several I have been on with my wife and children to be a blast and a cruise is, to me, the best way to visit the rest of the world. I have just found that not knowing all of the additional monies which can be spent on a cruise can cause a loss of enjoyment when you are actually on the cruise. If you have all of the above in place and already budgeted for, then you no longer need to worry about the money aspect while on vacation and can actually enjoy your cruise. If your are still reading this and I hope you are, the next article in my series is: So You want to take A Cruise Step #2 When & Where to Cruise.

The truth About Business Travelers: I am Pleasantly Surprised!

Traveling a lot for work recently has provided me with some unique opportunities to observe people. There are lots of stories and jokes and stereotypical characteristics about road warriors – people who travel a lot on business – and I expected to run into a lot of confirming examples. But what I’ve discovered is the few are creating an image to the detriment of the many. Here are 5 debunked myths about road warriors that may surprise you:

1. They enjoy freedom from the office while on the road. Quite the contrary, 80% to 90% of all the business travelers I see are working while traveling. They are talking quietly on the phone with conference calls while waiting in the airport, they pull out their laptops or tablets and start working as soon as we hit 10, 000 feet in the air. Most business travelers are quite literally tethered to their offices and they don’t waste time hanging out or lolly gagging around. They are working.

2. They enjoy chatting about where they’ve been and how important they are at work. OK, so there are a few braggarts running around out there, but most of this behavior is seen only in the movies. Sure, rookies may fall into this trap for a little while but the vast majority of business travelers keep to themselves and work. The bad mannered folks fluffing their plumage at anyone who will listen are few and far between. You could be sitting next to a CEO or an entrepreneur who makes 7 figures and you probably won’t know it. I really believe most business travelers see travel time as their own time to work and think with minimal interruptions.

3. They are rude. We’ve all heard the stories. I’ve witnessed a few business folks behaving in ways that would embarrass the crud out of their mothers, but on the whole the vast majority of business travelers I’ve seen recently have been considerate of the people around them. They talk in low voices while on the phone, they follow the FAA rules about electronic equipment usage, they patiently wait in line for the family with 3 kids, 7 bottles of water, 6 roller bags and a stroller to clear security. They don’t usually push and shove to get in or out of a line. And they don’t demand special attention from gate agents, flight attendants, hotel staff, or drivers. The rudest travelers I’ve observed lately have been folks on vacation.

4. They get to eat in fancy restaurants every night. I suppose some could afford it, but the reality is the fancy restaurants are an exception for the practiced business traveler. The rookies may try this for a while, but they learn pretty quickly that fancy meals and late nights make working on the road miserable. Most business travelers eat at the hotel where they are staying or a local take out. They are focused on getting something to eat, getting work prepared for the next day and getting some sleep. People who don’t travel a lot find it hard to believe but when you are on the road what you get hungry for is a simple meal like you can easily fix at home.

5. Business travel is glamorous. Yes, there are perks like frequent flyer miles and hotel points. But business travel is a lot about waiting to get where you are going, fitting in as much business as you can while you are there, and then going home. Its airports and hotels and offices and meetings. There’s very rarely time for sightseeing. Most experienced business travelers treat the travel as a normal part of their day – just a long commute. Interestingly, I think business travelers tend to be more focused on getting the job done while they are traveling so that they can relax when they go home.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a corporate exec, your ability to expand your impact in the world is enhanced by business travel. It’s nice to know that most of the fellow travelers you’ll meet on the road are just regular people focused on doing a good job. Sure, there will be the occasional twit and some pretty funny stories to share, but most of it is routine as you join the ranks of the polite, yet focused business travelers.

Budget Travel Holidays – Three Quick and easy Tips to Plan Budget Travel Holidays

We all want fabulous budget travel holidays without breaking the bank. Here are three tips that will help you plan your next great holiday while staying on a budget. We’ll go over the months you should target to travel that will give you the greatest travel savings, which type of airports to fly out of, and more general tips to give you the greatest bang for you buck. Let’s get started:

1. Try to travel during “Shoulder Season”, a term coined by the travel industry. This is a great time to travel because it’s not High Season, which is when it’s most expensive to travel and most crowded, and it’s not Low Season, when the crowds are not there but the weather is the worst. You can generally save hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, on your vacation just by targeting Shoulder Season because airfare and hotels are cheaper. For example, go to Hawaii in March or September, Tahiti in November, Costa Rica in December, or Baja California in June.

2. Use the internet to your advantage. Many airlines, resorts, cruise companies, and hotel websites offer rewards to people who subscribe to their e-mails lists. Usually all it takes is for you to visit their website and find the place where you can enter your e-mail in exchange for discounts, rewards, etc. These e-mail lists are often one of the first or only places to get major, unadvertised discounts. Social marketing is on the upswing and you can follow the airlines, etc. on Twitter to get similar savings also.

3. Be flexible with your travel planning. By being open to flying out of a less commercial airport, or staying in a neighboring city that borders the touristy city, you will save money. Many people want to go to San Francisco but cannot afford the pricey hotel rooms in the city. Consider staying in neighboring Berkely and taking public transportation into San francisco. Neighboring cities often have the same “feel” as the touristy cities, yet the local businesses are more accommodating and even grateful for your business. You are more apt to be treated like royalty because the locals like you being there, rather than being an annoyance, aka “just another tourist”. Minor travel adjustments such as this can save you hundreds on your trip, while still being able to vacation in the city of your choice.

I hope this helps you see that the possibility of budget travel holidays can be a reality with a little planning and ingenuity. Flexibility in travel planning goes a long way to huge savings. Be a smart shopper and use the internet. It’s a great resource for budget travel. By following these simple tips, you will be able to have your budget travel holiday.

Important information on Adventure Tours

An adventure can simply be described as a very unusual and exciting experience. Most of the times, it is a bold and a risky move to go on adventure tours. There is always a hint of uncertainty. Adventures can also be defined as activities that have a few life taking risks. There are activities like skydiving, exploring, mountain climbing and river rafting that always carry a hint of risk. It depends on how that adventurous person negotiates all these risks and overcomes them. The term can also refer broadly to an enterprise that is always potentially fraught with the help of physical, psychological and also some level of financial risk. There is also a love affair, a business venture and also major life undertakings that must be negotiated.

Motivation is required for adventure tours

An adventurous tour can create a very high level of psychological arousal and this can be interpreted as a negative that is fear and also as a positive one that is flow. For a majority of people, an adventure can easily become a major pursuit. They wait for a high level of motivation and once they are able to acquire it, they try their best to conquer it. It is like a victory for any adventurous person. There are also outdoor adventurous tours and activities that are undertaken typically and their major purposes are excitement and recreation. All adventure tours give a sense of dignity and excitement to the person who is executing them. Basically the motivation is required. It is of the important things to remember.

Plan an adventure tour

In order to execute an adventure tour to its maximum potential, it is essential to plan one. This planning can be termed to be the most critical in the entire process. As an adventurous person, this will obviously be something that you will be executing very often. Thus decide where you want to go, consult with friends, decide a suitable or appropriate date and most importantly make sure the mode of transport you choose is safe for that particular place. Once you are done with this planning process, you will have to make sure that everything you do is safe and everything you do is acceptable. There is no need to cross the line and break rules in order to make your tour a successful one. You can do that by staying on the line and following all the rules.

Online Travel Guides Are Making An impact With Travelers

Traveling to a new place needs lot of preparations. However, the first thing that should be done as a part of preparing for the travel is buying travel guides for the place. It is always good to consult more than one guide for traveling to be sure that the information that is furnished is correct. However, with time things have changed drastically and these guides have also taken a new shape and appearance. Online guides related to travel and tourism are available and you can gather all kinds of information regarding a destination. Many travelers and tourists also publish their travel experiences and travelogues online so that people can read them and get ideas or advice.

Travel guides become very important in places where there is a language problem barrier. In such countries, it is very important to have the right kinds of guides so that moving around becomes easy and convenient. Many guides also have some language help for tourists and some common terms and phrases are mentioned so that travelers can communicate the very important things without any problem in the new country. These kinds of assistance are also offered through the various online guides. There are translation facilities available on the internet as well that make things easier and convenient. Some of the online guides also have forums where travelers and tourists can interact with one another and share their experiences.

Online guides that help in traveling also provide complete and detailed information about a place, like the climatic conditions, the weather patterns, food habits, lifestyle, places of interest and similar things. Therefore planning the entire trip becomes extremely easy and convenient with such guides. In fact, the total program of the trip can be planned with the help of proper guides so that the whole trip remains smooth and hassle free. And when things are planned in advance, there are no additional tensions as well. Detailed planning for each day can be done. Guide books provide information regarding the various places of interest in the country and the ways to reach there. One can sort the most important places if there is time constraint.

Having the right kind of food is very important during a trip. Good guides will provide detailed information about the various restaurants and eateries that you will find in the city. The kind of cuisines that are served in the restaurants are also mentioned along with the direction and the opening hours of the restaurant. Apart from large and well known restaurants, information regarding general eateries is also provided in many guides. Apart from printed guides, online guides are also great sources of such information.

What to Expect From Professional Travel Guides

Human beings are nomadic by nature. Unexplored parts of nature, natural beauty, wonders of the world have always attracted people. But the urban lifestyle is pretty demanding. Everybody is busy but still people cannot ignore the calls of the unknown and set out for different destinations around the world.

However, the world is not the same as it used to be many years ago. There are several challenges that you have to face, language problem is one of the biggest problems that most travelers face. Apart from this, rules for foreign travelers, currencies, etc. make it more difficult to explore travel destinations in other countries.

Even when you visit travel destinations in your own country, you might have to struggle to find a suitable hotel or resort around the spot. However, professional travel guides can be of immense help.

In the past, many people used to take up this as a profession. Local people who have knowledge about the locality often work as guides and help tourists to explore the place comfortably. This profession is still very popular. Travelers who visit historical places prefer to hire guides who know about the place and can take them to all the local spots and share local stories and history with them. There are places which are century old. The history of local culture, people, lifestyle, festivals etc. are kind of tribal knowledge that is only available with the local people. Travelers who are interested to know about century old civilizations always prefer to interact with travel guides. A knowledgeable guide not only helps travelers to explore the place but helps them to find hotels, book tickets, find good restaurants, etc. There are people who love to explore everything on their own, but that is a different trait altogether. Common people prefer to hire a guide to make their vacation comfortable.

This is the era of digital age. Everything is getting digitized. At present, when someone says travel guides, he means online guides that offer every bit of information for a travel destination. Different forms of online tourist guide are given below:

1] Travel portals: There are many travel portals that feature world wide destinations. If you are planning to visit a place, you can search for a travel portal that has all the information about your destination. From cab booking, transportation to hotel booking, these online tourist guides can provide you all the information that you might need. You can search and find such portals. Some travel portals offer information about specific regions only whereas some cover all the destinations round the globe.

2] e-Brochures: If you are planning your trip through a travel agency, they can offer you online brochures that contain extensive resources and information about the destination you intend to visit. It is not that all travel agencies would give such brochure out, but some will. You can consult these brochures to find restaurants, local attractions, transportation facilities, etc. These books are great to consult when you plan a trip to somewhere.