Hong Kong has it all; from local cuisines that are simply to die for, to splendid views of the city at the highest point – Victoria Peak, with so much to see and do in this great destination, it’s hard to put everything down on one list, so here are some of the best things to do in Hong Kong:

Tram to Victoria Peak

Considered the highest point in the island of Hong Kong, Victoria Peak offers magnificent views of Hong Kong, towering above the beautiful skyline which is littered by masterful works of architecture, some featured in a range of famous films. To get to Victoria Peak, you will have to ride the 125-year old tram which takes about 8 minutes to reach the peak which is scattered by pathways and indigenous trees.

The Night Market – Temple Street Night Market

If want to truly experience the vibrancy of Hong Kong’s culture and food, then strolling along the Temple Street Night Market is an experience you should highly consider. Here, you will find an array of local gastronomies, Hong Kong finely-stitched garments, and modern boutiques such as the Jade Collection and vintage stores where you can find beautiful antiques. If you want something authentic to take back from your travels, here is the place to come.

Lantau Island

Considered to be the largest island in Hong Kong, Lantau Island is still very much uninhabited with its glorious beaches, beautiful mountainous landscape perfect for family activities such as hiking. Bike trails crisscross the terrain staging the perfect location for biking. Other attractions on Lantau Island include Hong Kong’s very own Disneyland, Po Lin Monastery and Tai O (fishing village).

Museum of History

The quintessential of Hong Kong history, the Museum of History harbours Hong Kong’s true history, dating back to 700 years ago when the last emperor ruled – Emperor of Song. This region was revolutionised into a key port expanse and a field of battle in the British colonial rule during World War II. This is truly where you will get all answers to Hong Kong’s rich cultural diversity.

Ruins of St. Paul’s in Macau

The embodiment of Hong Kong medieval architecture, the Ruins of St. Paul’s located in Macau is a must-go for all those history enthusiasts, or if you just want to learn about Hong Kong. The architecture resonates with the buildings back in Portugal. Ensure you spare some time, possibly a whole day, to visit these ruins and see architecture at its finest.

Ride the ‘Ding Ding’

If you want a taste of Hong Kong history and culture, then you should ride the ‘Ding Ding.’ This is a word locals use to refer to a tram which has been in operation for the last 100 years, amazing right? If you want to enjoy sightseeing, then taking a ride in the ‘Ding Ding,’ is something worthwhile.

Getting to Hong Kong is simple, with cheap flights becoming more and more available. Overall, the next time you are visiting the beautiful country that is Hong Kong, be sure to stop by these tourist attractions to experience a whole new side of Hong Kong.

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