What a Bargain! Why Is Your Travel Insurance So Cheap?

Sorry to use the tired old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ but, as many people have found out to their detriment, it is especially true when it comes to travel insurance. It’s all too easy to take the first policy you’re offered rather than have to sift through policy details and comparisons to understand exactly what you’re getting. Trying to work out insurance jargon is about as much fun as an advanced level jigsaw puzzle with a lot of blue sky.

It has become a way of life for pale, sun-deprived Brits desperate for sunshine to trudge through the rain to their local travel agent and book a package holiday. Why not? After all, the sun provides you with a healthy dose of Vitamin D, and everyone knows that vitamins are good for you! (Just don’t forget to slap on the sunscreen to help prevent skin cancer).

Many travel agents and tour operators will try to sell you travel insurance at the same time as the holiday, or throw the insurance in free or for a ‘little extra’. How many people get past the glossy brochures full of tanned bodies lying on sun-kissed, palm fringed beaches to read the small print of the insurance policy? By that stage you are mentally already in your swimsuit and diving into that warm, azure blue water.

Travel insurance is often advertised by banks, credit card companies, chemists, supermarkets, coach companies, airlines, retail shops and the Post Office. On the surface it may seem adequate, but open the box and look a little deeper inside. Compare the levels of cover they offer against a good, comprehensive, policy and you’ll find that pieces of the puzzle may be missing. They are often the vital corner pieces too! For example, you may find there’s no cover for lost luggage, or the cover only extends to excursions organized by their tour operator or rep.

Once you reach your destination, would you stop to consider the consequences of going off to a local water park for some fun on the water slides, a sightseeing coach trip, or an elephant ride? When the carefree holiday spirit has you in its grip it’s likely you’ll do all sorts of activities on a whim. What if you sustained an injury at the water park, the coach crashed, or you fell off the elephant? It would be a very unwelcome shock and perhaps an unhappy end to your holiday to discover too late that the insurance your travel agent sold you only covered activities which had been arranged by your travel rep. They would put the lid back on the holiday jigsaw and you’d be left puzzling how to pick up the pieces and pay the bills!

Travel insurance need not be expensive, so it’s important to make sure you get the right cover for your needs. It’s a waste of money to take out more insurance cover than you need. If you only plan to take one trip to France in a year, then a single trip policy will be the one for you. If you are planning a short trip to Spain and then a ski trip later in the year you’d save money by purchasing a multi-trip policy and adding extra cover for skiing and winter sports. If you have pre-existing medical conditions you must declare them and it might cost a bit more, but it is better to be totally honest and ensure you will be covered if there are problems. If you have to make a claim and it comes to light that you have not been honest in any aspect of your application then your entire claim could be invalidated!

Next time you are at your travel agents office caught up in the excitement of booking your trip; don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. You might think it’s easier to take care of the holiday and insurance all at once. That way you can forget about the boring parts and get on with shopping and packing for your holiday. Instead, give the offer of free insurance some thinking time, obtain quotes from reputable travel insurance companies and do a comparison. For example, check to see whether the free policy includes personal liability and legal expenses. They often don’t!

This problem will no longer be an issue after January 1, 2009. The government’s financial watchdog, the Financial Services Authority (FSA), will thereafter require that any company selling travel insurance be FSA-regulated. In the meantime, be on your guard. Banks may be FSA-regulated as far as their banking business, but until the new rule takes effect they are not required to comply with the FSA regulations to sell travel insurance! A stand-alone travel insurance company has to be regulated and you have the benefit of the ombudsman if their services fail you in any way.

Just like a jigsaw puzzle, your dream holiday should contain everything you see in the picture on the box. If there are missing pieces or it all falls apart, you’ll need a good travel insurance policy and someone to call upon for help. Don’t risk spoiling your holiday and lamenting ‘Now, I know why you were so cheap!’

Business Travel Insurance

Anyone that travels a lot should consider travel insurance, but those that travel for business often overlook the importance of this protection. Business travel insurance is simply a good idea because it can provide you with the protection that you need whether you are traveling just a short or long distance away from home. You never know when you are going to need the protection that insurance can provide, so you should look into business travel insurance before you go on your next trip.

The great thing about business travel insurance is that the individual can purchase it or a company can purchase it. Many companies are choosing to purchase the insurance for all of their employees that travel. This is a very economical way to buy the coverage as many companies can offer bulk buy discounts. This can be a particularly good idea for companies that host a lot of conferences, meetings, team building events, training courses, product launches, and the like. Many businesses offer corporate hospitality outings and the like, and even on these fun getaways employees should be protected and business travel insurance is a great way to get that protection.

If you happen to be an employee that travels to a lot of business oriented annual general meetings, exhibitions, seminars, or conventions and you aren’t provided with business travel insurance you can buy it yourself. The coverage is not at all expensive, and you may even be able to purchase the coverage at the same time that you plan an event or plan your travel, which will make it convenient to purchase. When you purchase this protection you can go on your business travels and not worry about what would happen if you were robbed, if your luggage was lost, or if you needed medical attention in an area where your usual medical or dental insurance was not valid.

Many of us think about travel insurance when we are going on vacation or visiting exotic vacations, but this is not the only time when you need the protection that this type of insurance can provide. Business travel insurance is just as important as the insurance that you would buy when flying across the world for an exotic vacation or honeymoon because there is just as much opportunity for you to encounter health problems or circumstances that you just did not plan for. Why should you be any less equipped to handle these problems on a business trip than you would be when you are on vacation? When you leave home you should feel safe, secure, and confident in your abilities to handle any situation and with business travel insurance you can do this.

If you don’t travel often or you only travel once a year you can opt to purchase your business travel insurance for just one trip. All you have to do is disclose when you will be travelling, where you will be going, and when you will be returning. This is generally very affordable and will offer you the protection that you should have on your one trip. If you travel all the time for work you can choose to buy your business travel insurance for the whole year. While this is more expensive in the beginning, it is cheaper over the course of the year than it would be to purchase the coverage every time you go away on travel. Many times there are also different levels of coverage to choose from, so you can choose from very basic coverage to very extensive coverage, based on your needs. When you purchase the travel business insurance you may want to consider the areas that you travel to as well as what sort of coverage your other insurance coverage may provide as this information will help you determine what sort of coverage you need.

It used to be more difficult to buy travel insurance, and that is why many people simply opted not to do it. In many cases you had to go right to an insurance agent and you had to fill out a ton of paperwork, or you could go to a travel agent and do the same thing. Now, you can purchase your business travel insurance right along with your other travel needs such as but not limited to your event planning services, your car rental services, lodging, transportation, and airfare. This is very convenient and allows for those that didn’t want to bother with the coverage before because of the hassle to purchase the benefits of travel insurance. Next time you receive notice that you have to travel for your job, why not look into travel business insurance and see what protection it can offer you? It’s better to have the protection and not need it than need it and not have it!

Consider Traveler’s Insurance for Your Next Vacation

Going on a vacation is something that the entire family looks to the whole year. Kids are stressed out from school and are ready for a break, and parents are equally weary from long hours of working and doing projects and cleaning around the home. Many people save for a year to go on an ideal family vacation. Fun and popular family vacations include European tours, tropical locations, South and Central America, mountain lodges and dude ranches, and touring exciting large cities to shop, dine, and go to the theatre.

No matter where a person chooses to go on a vacation, traveler’s insurance is something that should be considered in order to keep the family and the items the family are traveling with protected. Travelers insurance can be purchased a few different ways to give you the maximum number of choices to find flexible rates and insurance protection that will meet the needs of your family as you go on vacation. Because all traveling insurance policies are different, you will have some selections so you can choose an insurance policy to cover you and your family for your specific vacation needs.

Traveler insurance can offer car rental insurance, roadside assistance, and luggage reimbursement, medical assistance, lost passport and identification assistance, and emergency funds if an accident occurs. In addition to these things, traveling insurance can also help with car break downs, airline delays, over bookings on hotels, and more. Because one vacation may not require each of the things mentioned here, it is wise to review your traveling insurance options and to ask your travel agent or insurance agent to help you select a traveling plan that can be tailored to fit your family’s vacation.

If you and your family are driving across the country on an RV trip, you may not need lost luggage or passport protection. However, a trip like this will benefit from you having roadside assistance, rental car insurance and emergency services. If you are flying overseas for your vacation and plan on using airlines and shuttle buses as your primary form of transportation, it is a good possibility that you would want to make sure you have a traveling insurance program that offers lost luggage protection, flight delays, and hotel accommodations if you become stuck at an airport for a significant amount of time due to bad weather. Emergency and medical coverage will also be helpful during a vacation such as this.

No one wants to think about needing traveling insurance, but if you are going to spend a significant amount of money on a family vacation, it is wise to make sure that you have all your bases covered before you go on vacation. Knowing that you have traveler’s insurance will give you confidence and a peace of mind that will allow you to relax and fully enjoy your vacation with your family and loved ones. If an emergency or lost luggage or identification should happen, you will be fully prepared for it.

Credit Crunched – Getting Cheap Travel Insurance on a Budget

As the economic downturn starts to bite, most people are looking to trim costs wherever they can. Of course, people still want to enjoy their holidays, but finding budget deals and cutting unnecessary holiday expenses has become more important then ever before. Naturally, this thrifty attitude extends to travel insurance.

It can seem like just another irritating expenditure, but comprehensive travel insurance is vital to keep you financially protected against unforeseen events. But there’s no reason to pay any more than you have to – if you want to get the best deal on cheap travel insurance this year, just follow these steps…

Don’t Skip It!

The easiest way to cut down on travel insurance costs would seem to be simple enough – don’t buy it in the first place. But that’s a potentially expensive gamble to take – cancellation costs, medical bills and the theft of valuables are very expensive mishaps if you are uninsured. If you know how to buy it on the cheap, travel insurance won’t add much to the cost of your holiday, and it could well save you a tidy sum if something goes wrong.

Avoid Travel Agents

Travel agents and tour operators will often try and throw in travel insurance as part of your holiday package. It may seem convenient just to say yes and to get it done in a single go, but be careful – buying from a travel agent is usually far more expensive than getting your holiday insurance from a specialist provider.

Shop Around

Securing a bargain with your travel insurance is just like buying anything else – the trick is to shop around to make sure you are getting the best deal. Luckily, this isn’t nearly as onerous as it used to be, as various price comparison sites can let you compare dozens of quotes in just a few minutes. Don’t stick with one insurer out of habit – just because they gave you a good deal on one kind of holiday doesn’t necessarily mean they can offer you the best deal on your next trip abroad. Make sure you check the market to be certain of getting the best deal on your holiday insurance.

Know What You Need

The more you pay for your travel insurance the more protection you get – very cheap travel insurance usually won’t cover expensive personal items or risky activities. If you are going abroad to lie on a beach and are taking nothing more valuable then some clothes and toiletries, the cover you need is very basic, and you should make sure you aren’t paying for unnecessary extras. Of course, if you are taking plenty of valuables with you, or are going to take part in some higher risk sports and activities, you need to be covered. Just make sure your travel insurance covers what you need, nothing more, nothing less.

Travel insurance has to be bought, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Follow these tips and shop carefully for your cheap travel insurance, and you could be amazed at the amount you could save on your next trip abroad.