Worldwide Travel Insurance – Protection Against Accidental Loss

Whether exploring the pyramids of Egypt or drifting through the canals of Venice, traveling to foreign lands is something to which legions of people aspire. However, before embarking on glorious excursions, prospective travelers should realize the risks that may creep into their otherwise perfectly planned trips. Unexpected emergencies such as those relating to medical conditions can cause much greater expense and disruption than if the same situation had developed at home. Therefore, worldwide travel insurance is something with which every burgeoning globetrotter should familiarize themselves.

Tourists may be alarmed to learn that the insurance protections they have at home may fail to provide sufficient protection when they are abroad. For instance, those engaging in strenuous or risky physical activities such as water sports, extreme hiking or other pursuits may find that such action when undertaken in foreign lands, works to negate their insurance coverage. Also, while some may feel safe journeying to a country with a system of nationalized health care, they should know that in many cases, the free or low cost care available to citizens of that nation are unavailable to visiting foreigners. Doctors and healthcare facilities abroad may not be willing to negotiate terms of payment or service with a tourist’s domestic provider, thus necessitating upfront payment of costs prior to the commencement of service. If the appropriate treatment for a traveler’s specific medical situation is unavailable and an emergency evacuation is needed, conventional or non travel policies may decline coverage for the expense, which can be exorbitant. These are just a few of the reasons worldwide travel insurance is a wise choice.

Written with the purpose of supplying financial compensation for expenses relating to unexpected events while abroad, worldwide travel insurance policies are available in an expansive array of types and levels which are often dependent on the circumstances of the trip to be covered. The journey’s length, location, and specific itinerary may be considered in the ultimate pricing and availability of coverage. It is typically possible to purchase coverage for shorter journeys simultaneous with the booking of reservations. It is sometimes more useful for a traveler to seek a policy that provides more expansive coverage for a longer period of time. Some customary purchase points for these products include cruise ship lines, travel agents, and regular insurance agents and brokers.

Worldwide travel insurance is also frequently categorized by the nature of the tourist wishing to purchase a given policy. Vacation tourist, business travelers and students may have distinct needs that need to be addressed in their personal policy. Some of the contingencies for which coverage is usually sought include emergency medical and dental costs, accidental death or injury benefits, and in worst case scenarios, funeral expenses for deaths occurring abroad. Pregnancy related medical expenses may be added to policies for additional cost. Some factors that may be listed as exclusions to these kinds of policies include preexisting medical conditions and injury or death occurring as a result of alcohol or drug use, or other types of negligent conduct.